Simple Way to Know Your Food Sensitivity

A friend of mine has been feeling pretty good most of the time when she exercises. For example, last Sunday she went snowboarding and she felt good the next day, which is extremely rare. Then, yesterday she went riding, just as long, just as aggressively, and today she is in a world of mental and physical anguish. She cannot think, she gets dizzy when she stands, the room is spinning, she feels helplessly depressed, and it feels like work just to keep her hands on the keyboard. She wants to know if this sounds like candida or food allergies. She finds it so unpredictable. Two of the same physically demanding days, yet two completely opposite results! She thinks she is missing something and needs any suggestions.

She thinks corn might be a culprit, because of course she tries to think what she hasn’t eaten in the last few days when she exercises and doesn’t have an episode. And it seems corn is one of those suspects. She also stays away from anything with gluten, sugar (except when it’s added to food sneakily; she doesn’t have time to read labels all day!), and dairy. She eats a lot of fish, nuts, veggies, rice, fruit (apples and bananas), rice bread, and soy cheese. Her diet is awfully plain because she has so many suspected trouble foods. She just doesnt know if it is maybe a rice allergy since she eats a lot of bloody rice!

I believe those kind of symptoms could well be food intolerance. The best way to know if it is the culprit: stay away from all corn sources for about 2-3 weeks and then eat a lot of corn (frozen or corn on the cob) at all 3 meals on your testing day. On day 2, don’t have any corn at all! Because you haven’t had any for a few weeks, your body will get a “shock” when you eat a lot on that in one day and you will feel the side effects. I discover my sensitivities to dairy, corn, and caffeine with that route. Maybe you should give that a try.

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