Side Effects of Yeast Infection Treatment With Diflucan

A woman asked me the side effects of yeast infection treatment with diflucan as she took a Diflucan tablet a few hours ago and now she can’t quit shaking. She feels spacey and irritable like there are electric sparks going to her hand and wants to hit something and scream. She is trying to determine if this is die-off reaction to yeast or she is reacting to something she ate. She wonders if she would have the die-off this fast. She had been taking natural things for candida with no luck, so she thought she would try diflucan. Candida has triggered tons of her allergies for the last 4 years, and she needs to know if replacing diflucan with nystatin would also help.

I had a bad reaction to Diflucan, too. I had anxiety attacks and couldn’t sit still. I literally had to sit with my legs kicking outwards repeatedly to be “comfortable”, or more accurately to tolerate being in my own body. I had mini-panic attacks and panting breathing even if I am normally not an anxious or panicky person. I quit Diflucan after 2 pills and threw the rest away. I don’t think it was die-off, as I have experienced die-off before. I just had a negative reaction to it. I don’t think nystatin would be an alternative to diflucan as nystatin is not absorbed and diflucan is and is used for systemic infections.

If it is die-off, try drinking lots of water, and maybe 1 lemon also if you have fresh lemon drink. This will help dilute the pill. Use warm water and not cold, since it takes the body a while to make the cold water warm to circulate.

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