Sickening Sugar and Junks in School Kids Diet

My friend is getting a hard time on anti candida diet as she is finishing up her degree this semester and this particular university is located in the middle of “fast food alley”. The campus sandwich joints are no better–white bread, iceberg lettuce, cold cuts, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and more junk foods.

I can relate to her situation when I was a grad student and work on campus. Between full-time work and working on my dissertation, it can be very difficult to find time to make healthy meals. The choices on campus are atrocious! It is no wonder we have so many problems with obesity and eating disorders in this country. All the students have to eat is junk food. You should see some of the tankards of soda some of these kids drink on a daily basis. There is a reason why it is called Liquid Candy.

When I become an elementary teacher, I am thinking of doing a “Soda Turnoff Week” (kind of like the National TV Turnoff Week). I will play around with it when I do my student teaching and see how the kids respond.

By this diet, I got a lot more in touch with my body than I was before. I know how I supposed to feel, and I know when my weight gets down too low (this happened the last time). We need a movement to change the junk food culture. I am sure a lot of the problems I have now are due to bad eating habits as a child. It sickens me to see all of the sugar in our kids’ diets.

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