Series of Liver Flushes to Deal With Toxin Load

A friends allergist said that she noticed that in many cases people who have these types of untreated high-environmental allergies can develop insensitivities to certain foods. She put her on the candida diet, allergy pills, nystatin (briefly), immunity therapy and she has been taking various supplements that you read about on this page. She also said that she had noticed that with time, people were able to slowly move some of the foods back into their diet.

She was miserable when she found her allergist. She could barely leave my apartment and had been to about 10 doctors for a year before finding her. Now, her symptoms are under control. She is not cured, but she is on the way. She can even enjoy a few pieces of roasted potato or a glass of alcohol on the weekends without having a crazy reaction anymore. She actually has no idea if allergies cause candida, but they may be related. For all I know, allergies are still just another symptom, but I have found that getting my allergies under control, and taking sugar and wheat out of my diet (for the most part) has strengthened my immune system, so that my body has been more able to balance itself.

I think her allergist isn’t dealing effectively enough with toxin load, which results in malformed cell receptors, which results in turn in lack of cellular controls including immune dysfunction such as sensitivities, which is an overactive immune response. I would recommend a series of liver flushes every two weeks until you get no more hepatic stones. It will also get rid of your gallstones. The outcome is a properly functioning liver, your body’s most effective toxin remover. To get out from under malformed receptor sites you might want to take Ambrotose from Mannatech for awhile, just until your sensitivities go away. Also, take a hard look at leaky gut, which is a natural progression of any kind of bowel dysbiosis.

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