Self Candida Treatment Without Professional Knowledge Makes You Just Same As Guinea Pig

My friends daughter has been on candida treatment with supplements/vitamins/probiotics for about 5 weeks now and “pretty much” following the diet. She is 17 and has been dealing with sickness for 5 years. Her pediatrician said she might have a sinus infection as she has a lot of drainage in her throat, but she doesn’t want to put her on antibiotics. She needs quick help because her daughter graduates next month and needs to be well for that.

Well, on this situation, have you taken your daughter to a knowledgeable professional? Perhaps she has a candida overgrowth, which may be due to some other more ‘rooted’ imbalance, or maybe she doesn’t have the candida at all. Many candida attackers can do damage and there is not enough research and evidence or wisdom in all of this candida to use experimental measures with a child (or anyone).

Be wary of the die-off phenomena that no one can ever seem to isolate as a particular experience (not to discredit that it happens, but there is no definition or certainty). Just words of caution because I have suspected candida for myself, I don’t doubt that I experience it on some level, but have tried the typical approach with no avail that actually damaged my energy. Watch the people that go round and round in circles; they are guinea pigs with themselves with none are experts or professionals or objective enough to provide any clear help. Each is on their own confusing healing journey. Please don’t use your daughter as an experiment (I know you wouldn’t intentionally), and go get her to a compassionate and wise professional.

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