Salt Or Sugar Cravings As Products From Mineral Deficiency

For the sugar cravings, which were non-stop for a friend of mine, she now takes Chromium Picolinate. It helps to balance the insulin/sugar in your system, so she believes the cravings are greatly reduced. If you do have to eat any sugar, like a piece of fruit, it is supposed to be best to eat any after a meal, sort of in lieu of dessert.

Just a little beware for everyone, though, sugar or salt cravings are a product of mineral deficiency. I think she might have caught part of that with her mention of Chromium, but other minerals are in play, too, and the only thing to get rid of the craving will be to satisfy the mineral deficiency. Satisfying it with salt or sugar will only deepen the deficiency.

Then, there is the sweetener Stevia (from South America) to replace sugar. It takes a little practice to get the amounts correct. Too little and you don’t have enough sweetness. Too much and it tastes bitter. So, it helps to remember that ounce for ounce, since it is 400 times sweeter than sugar.

And, of course, Stevia has its own distinctive taste as white sugar is different from brown is different from honey is different from maple syrup. And I know that there has been a “discussion” about the merits of artificial sweeteners on this page, but for me, since I think we are trying to heal our body from within, we should be avoiding anything “artificial” where we can.

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