Rid Body of Parasites With Herbs and Electrical Gadgets

Do you wonder what the best way to rid the body of parasites is? A friend of mine has just been told she is riddled with them. She is very ill and need an easy but effective approach. She has been put on Parex by Metagenics. She needs suggestions and advice on how to go about cleansing and killing parasites successfully. She has been told to go on a protein powder also as her weight loss is serious. She cannot absorb or digest a thing and has been this way for quite some time. It is getting worse and extremely malnourished. She wants to know if this could be because of parasites. She is also mercury toxic, so things are very tough. But, she is hoping that by doing the right thing she can now make progress.

Herbs and various electrical gadgets both work on parasites. This is fully covered in the curezone website. Absorption of nutrients relies on correcting bowel pH and possible bowel inflammation more than getting rid of parasites. I recommend you taking inulin to feed the positive bowel bacteria. Without them, your absorption of nutrients will be impaired.

Mercury imposes a biological load including reduced immune response. Your source of protein should be cold-processed whey. The glutathione produced escorts mercury out, and the protein also has the most biological value for building quality tissue. Take also selenium (selenomethionine is good) 400-600 mcg daily. Check out Dr. Hulda Clarks Parasite cleanses and then the liver flush I and several friends have seen and got rid of the parasites and feel better.

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