Results With Candida Remedies Depend On Your Illness Status

I haven’t seen any of my friends mention the importance of when to take any of the candida remedies, probiotics, Threelac, Candex, etc. It is crucial that you take it with meals, so that the food protects the ‘medicine’ on the way to the intestines. If I forget to take it with meals, I still take it anyways, but I always try to make sure I take it with meals. My friend is on Threelac and my brother is on the probiotic called Pro-Biotics. They are both noticing changes, but it is very slow. Also, it depends on if you have Candidiasis or Systemic Candidiasis. It can take much longer to see results with any remedy, if it is systemic.

Candidiasis is when the candida is mainly in the intestinal tract. When it grows, if you will, it passes through the intestines and enters the blood stream, and then it affects all organs. This is also known as Leaky Gut syndrome. Once it is systemic and it is in all areas of your body, which is when your immune system has been fully attacked. One example is allergies, which is supposedly an immune disorder. If it is just in the intestinal tract, then it is quicker to get rid of. Once in the entire body, it takes much longer to get rid of. Also, if it is systemic, it affects our hormones, which is why some of us have severe migraines, since migraines are hormonal. You start to see the connection with each organ that is affected.

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