Responsibly Pick From All the Choices for Candida Treatment

In candida treatment, I think taking responsibility for our results is very powerful. The marketing/advertising is not what manipulates us. It is an attraction from mass consciousness to have a simple fast expedient easy way to eat, heal, live, etc. I do not agree with much of traditional medicine. In the same token, I would not want to be a doctor because most people go and want a fast, easy, and magical cure instead of looking inward and seeing their part in the creation.

We all can attract whatever we desire in our lives, whether it is vibrant health or an itchy butt. I have noticed that often I do not create catastrophe but instead more hassles. And I do often have a running belief that much of life is a hassle. I look at that and in shifting it run on a different vibration and attract something different. I do not want to wish doctors or certain foods from the planet because they do not work for me. That would be like wanting green beans eradicated from the planet because I dont like it.

We live in a sea of lots of diverse choices and contrast and get to pick what we chose to believe, live, be. I dont think it is productive playing victim to advertisement, western medicine, etc. I think it is more productive to notice the contrast and shift to what we are wanting in our new creative moment. I dont recall who always says here to think positive, but that is more in alignment to what I think is healing. Not finding fault, but rather looking inward, connecting to the source of power we all have access to and making changes in our life from this new powerful now.

I was resentful of western medicine and many other things and realized. What benefits some may not benefit me. How cool we get to pick from all these choices. There are natural approaches, drugs that might be helpful, etc.

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