Removing Amalgam Fillings As Being the Root Cause of Candida

Someone feels the real root cause for her Candida was the amalgam fillings. As soon as she had them removed (safely), she began to improve. That was two years ago, when she also found a doctor who practices alternative and regular medicine. He was a great deal of help. Now, she has close to her old life back, and heath. She still watches what she eats for the most part, but she cheats, too, and when she cheats, she doesn’t feel as bad as she used to. She knows her body is getting better.

Everyone is different, and their bodies react differently. She didn’t chelate. Her doctor told her that he didn’t particularly believe that it worked. He told her that time is the only real way for your body to rid itself of the mercury in the tissues. He wanted her to take extra vitamin c, which she did and still do. Her problems were mainly in her intestines and stomach. She is still sensitive to certain foods/ingredients. Vinegar is a bad one for her while sugar isn’t much of a problem anymore, but she still watches the amount she ingests.

Well, another friend of mine has symptoms related to the amalgams go far beyond candida overgrowth and are pretty severe. If she only had digestive disturbances and the amalgam removal improved it, she would have to seriously have some other compelling reasons to chelate. There are risks involved. Bottom line is, if you have amalgam fillings, get them out now. Find a dentist that does safe removal, and have them taken out. It is one of the smartest things you can do for your body and health.

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