Related Issues Between Damp and Candidiasis Or Weight Problem

A friend believes that she remembers Candidiasis is considered a damp issue in Chinese medicine so that you need drying foods. Dairy is considered very damp, and just about anything white is damp. That makes sense since she has been craving all those things, especially the hot spicy foods, ginger, and she has essential oil burning Cinnamon and when she walks by it, she actually can taste it. She has also read anyone with a weight issue, is damp.

Regarding damp and candidiasis, that is correct. I had a major cold/damp problem and the acupuncture helps that a lot. I believe I am that way constitutionally and my eating habits made it only worse. The problem with the cold/damp condition (dont know if this is the same for just damp) is the anything raw can contribute to the problem. So, I was having a hard time trying to balance things. I got acupuncture and took herbs to support my spleen chi. I also tried to eat warming, drying foods like cinnamon, hot spicy foods, ginger, etc.

It is interesting if you mention weight issue. I have never heard that, but I have never had a weight problem. In high school, people thought I was anorexic. I ate like a pig; fast metabolism I guess. I didn’t start gaining weight until the candida got really bad. I was always kind of bloated, but not anywhere overweight. Although I can see how someone with a severe damp condition could get overweight, especially if they didn’t have a fast metabolism.

However, it makes sense since a friend who had gone to an acupuncturist for about 10 years has been overweight since the birth of her kids. All issues she had were damp heat. So, I think that sounds like it might be right.

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