Recommended Order to Do the Liver Cleanse

My friend downloaded the online book of The Amazing Liver Cleanse last day, and she got question. In the book, he says to do the colon cleanse, and then the kidney cleanse. But, he also says to do a colon cleanse the sixth day of prep. She is a little confused about the order here, and wonders if he is saying colon-kidney-colon again-then flush.

I think when he says do the colon cleanse first, he means that before you start liver flushing, you should go through a period of colon cleansing. He advises colonics, a series, plus diet. Colonics are probably the fastest and best method, although there are many others people often discuss on these lists, like herbs etc. Andreas also recommends a product called colosan. Colon cleansing could last weeks or months depending on your condition. His kidney cleanse is an herb formula. You can take it to an herbalist, and they put it together. You make it and drink it every day for between 20-30 days.

Once that is done, you begin the liver cleanse prep. Part of this prep is another mini colon cleanse on the sixth day, either a colonic or an enema, as well as a colonic a few days after the flush. He considers the second colonic to be very important to prevent stones from getting stuck in the GI tract (which happened to me). It is a good idea. Then, after you have done 3-4 flushes, you do the kidney cleanse again. It is a bit confusing, but be patient because this is not something you want to rush.

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