Recommended Dosage for Threelac

A man used almost the whole 60 packets of Threelac and noticed no difference in his candida symptoms. She has seen many people on here recommend Threelac, but she needs to be told how many packets they took per day. She has heard so many conflicting amounts of what to start with and how long she gets confused. She went back to 2-3. Some days, she doesnt remember the 3 and is feeling better then when she upped it to 4. She found occasional bread or sweet does not affect her. Alcohol (well, wine or beer) and overdoing sweets does immediately.

It is recommended that you take 2 packets a day. But some people have taken up to 5 a day. Threelac works best when used with Oxygen Elements Plus which among many things detoxifies the body and Active Enzymes which helps with digestion and elimination to rid the body of candida. Giving up foods or drinks with processed sugar also helps. I no longer have candida but use these products almost every day to maintain.

When I first used Threelac, I took 2 a day. It took me a couple of months to get rid of the candida, but I had been using Hydroxygen (now Oxygen Elements Plus) for over a year and did other cleansings. I also always used enzymes, but think Active Enzymes which is new is the best. So, my body was better prepared for the Threelac. I stopped taking Threelac and a few months later the candida came back. I have pretty much gotten rid of it again and will take 1 a day to maintain.

I have not been strict with any diet, but didn’t have candida as severely as many people. I know of people that had candida so bad they had to start with half a packet or they got too sick. Taking 4 may be too much for your body to eliminate the toxins. The Active Enzymes will really help. You take one in the morning on an empty stomach, then one before or during each meal. Still, 4 packets a day of Threelac still might be too much for you.

I hope this article "Recommended Dosage for Threelac" has met what you expect to read and that you gain some important information that your are looking for. If you feel that this article is not enough for you, or still missing something, I personally suggest that you get a complete report and also great support for you on cure candida project website.

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