Read Books If You Feel Lost About Candida

Someone is kind of lost about Candida overgrowth, regarding all you can eat in candida diet and do to treat it. She just went to doctor that gave her anti-acid. She now has a very burning tongue; even after taking all the gel the doctor gave her to solve this problem. She wants to know if I have any ideas for her, about food and medicines.

I am so sorry if you are having health problems. My opinion about doctors, in general, is that they are full of it and so are drugs. The best way to cure yourself of ailments is by healing your body naturally. I am a firm believer in cleansing and a wholesome, natural 80% raw diet. I have gone the drug route and have seen a bazillion others do the same, and what happens is the drug just polluting out livers and kidneys and, resulting in our entire bodies. Then, there is the domino effect. The more you take, the more you need, eventually, anyway. I have friends who spend hundreds of dollars a month on synthetic drugs and that is with health insurance. I have rid my medicine chest of any drugs whatsoever. I used to take antidepressants and all sorts of other drugs for ailments of all kinds.

Read the book and articles on candida. It is well worth the read and they will answer a lot of questions for you, especially it is a good start. Avoid mayo, sugar, and vinegar, except for organic Apple Cider Vinegar. They are very bad stuff. Only fresh veggies and fresh everything (no fruit at first) is allowed in the first 2 weeks of strict diet.

Cure candida project website is a great resource for people who want a complete and natural cure for their candidiasis. They provide honest support to get you reach the dream you always wanted, a healthy life. You may also enjoy reading through the get rid of candida blog which can be found at Candida Home Treatment website.

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