Raw Foods for Thoughts in Anti Candida Breakfast

I try to think outside the “box” of traditional anti candida breakfast foods and incorporate more vegetables (since grains and fruits tend to create some problems for us. First off, I must tell you that I try to think of raw foods like my cuavamato rollup (one of my favorite breakfasts). The only bread product I eat is the Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas they come in two sizes chop up 1/2 avocado small plum tomato and some cucumber roll it up in a tortilla you can season with whatever you like.

I personally use Braggs Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which although some believe no vinegar on candida diet. I have also read to the contrary and I feel the apple cider vinegar is beneficial. Sometimes I have steamed veggies like broccoli; sometimes I have spaghetti squash sometimes tuna or egg salad in the aforementioned tortillas. I make my own mayonnaise.

If I am in my sprouting mode (sprouting can be a fun cheap hobby as well as body beneficial), I sprout some grains like quinoa or buckwheat and eat them as a cereal with some soaked almonds (sprouted grains do not react the same way as cooked grains in the system). I say to ignore with what we have traditionally eaten for breakfast, eat what you need and think more raw foods. I don’t consider myself a raw food-ish nor a “sprouting woman”, but just someone who recognizes the immense value of looking beyond what our society approaches as “normal” meals. Well, just some food for thought from me.

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