Raising Bodys Temperature Without Thyroid Medication

This womans body temperature has always been 96.9-97.2 without ever knew why since she was always feeling hot. She has been lactose intolerant for over 20 years so fortunately, she avoided the milk group for a while (now she knows it is the candida caused her not to eat cheese, ice cream, or goodies). Oddly enough, though, a touch or light cream or half/half doesn’t seem to have any negative affect. She understands she was a real drag at the companys pizza Fridays or companys breakfasts (bagels, muffins, fruit).

At night, when she really wants something as she watches her husband devour treats, she will make hot cocoa with cocoa powder (unsweetened) drops of Stevia and some half/half (a couple tablespoons). She usually only gets the urge for this once in a while, but she finds it satisfies (it tastes bittersweet). She has learned that sometimes the challenges we have to face are the greatest gifts in the world.

People are raising their AM body temperature without thyroid medications by using 4 tablespoons coconut oil a day, and dropping thyroid-suppressing corn, canola, soy, cottonseed oils etc from their diet. It is ok to still take supplements of flax oil or ground seed, and cod or fish oil. AM temperature is an indicator of marginally low thyroid and thus slow metabolic rate. Raising AM temp helps people raise metabolic rate, which translates into better muscle tone, faster repair, increased natural HGH levels.

Lactose intolerance responds to an increase of inulin in the diet. When enough of the correct bacteria are in the gut, they ferment the lactose rather quickly and don’t produce toxins or much gas.

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