Quick Relief to Vaginal Yeast Infections Symptoms

Someone feels that it seems like she has been sick before she has yeast infections, which is since she had mono when she was 14. It has been a lot worse since she had a major case of pneumonia 6 years ago with 23 days of IV antibiotics. She gets very frequent, very painful vaginal yeast infections with open sores even. Well, she has been battling chronic hives with little help. The only time she got relief was when she was on major, big time anti-yeast medication. Well, her Dr. won’t give her the stuff anymore because he is worried that she could get liver damage. She doesn’t have it now. She ended up needing antibiotics two times last month. It was once for a kidney infection and once for a sinus infection. Now, her hives/rash is terrible. She is on 200 mg of Diflucan for a week, but she knows that will only put a dent into it.

She feels miserable with tired, bloating, and gas very easily, body aches, allergies that she never had as a kid, poor concentration, small mouth sores in the back of her mouth, sinus trouble, reflux, low level depression, lower sex drive and response, sore tongue and mouth, dry mouth and funny tastes, really low blood sugar, etc. She knows it is yeast and has just ordered some probiotics and an 8 week protocol to try to get rid of this beast. She needs help in any suggestions for quick relief of the symptoms of the vaginal yeast infection and supplements to help her immune system.

I have gotten few yeast infections, but have found yogurt (all but the last time) made it go away quickly and soothed it immediately. I dont mean eating it, but I mean putting it in the affected area. You will also see that inulin can be a valuable ally along with the diflucan and probiotics. Some people get results initially with Primal Defense and some use Threelac, then I would recommend that you switch to a probiotic with both bifidobacterium and lactobacilli strains of human origin in it.

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