Prunes Being Alkalizing Thing in Candida Diet

One day, when a woman spoke with someone who has seen many cases of this yeast overgrowth, she is convinced candida diet alone will do the trick. She is really pushing for the nystatin to get in there and blow it out. Not as a substitute, but just to start off “clean” and then of course let the diet work to keep things under control. Just pulling sugar has created a slight imbalance, so when her daughter has the slightest infraction, it spins her out. She really wants to get clean, but is concerned with the die-off phase, too. She claimed that prunes will run through and won’t give the yeast time to attack it. She wants to know if I ever heard of this angle.

Prunes are diabolical for sugar content in my opinion. It is true, though, they are very high in fiber and very alkalizing, so they would travel through a healthy colon very quickly (hence the constipation jokes). Not too sure about how it would agree with someone who has slow transit time and/or imbalance in intestinal flora, etc. I personally stay away from all dried fruit and go very easy on the fresh for that matter. It is also important to remember that fruit transit time is slowed dramatically if you eat it on top of a more substantial food. For example, eat steak and salad for tea, and then have fruit 15 min or half hour later. The fruit will quickly catch up to the traffic jam of the partially digested recent meal. Best time to have fruit is on an empty stomach in morning, in my opinion.

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