Problematic Short Chain Sugars Feed Many Strains of Bacteria

A guy suffers from chronic bacterial prostatitis and they have given him enough to kill a horse. His last semen culture found two strains of bacteria. Anyway, he has gone off the antibiotics and feeling better. He has started to repair his intestines. He is now on Garden of Life. He is on about four of their products. He started with their anti yeast and fungal, and he took food enzymes, super greens, and primal defense probiotic. The first week was hell because of die-off. He is feeling better now. He only eats meat and vegetables, with absolutely no sugar. This is what happens up and down with the diet. Any sugar causes his muscle in his body to twitch after eating.

Well, others have noted that Rubin’s book recommends that you do not try to establish a bowel culture using FOS or inulin. I expect Rubin is aware of the inulin and other prebiotics research, and there are piles of it, which all of them are good. So, the question is, is Rubin’s stance on it a marketing ploy designed to keep customers reliant on a product that contains many temporary and soil based bacteria that are not native to humans?

FOS and other short chain sugars can be problematic because they feed many strains of bacteria. ‘Native inulin’ is only about 6% sugar and 2% FOS; it is longer chains feed more specifically mainly the good bacteria. FOS-free and sugar-free inulin on the other hand is a very specific feed for bifidobacteria and little else but lactobacilli. Bifidobacteria is the main bacteria we are trying to encourage. Establishing your own culture will eliminate the need for long- term probiotic supplements.

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