Problem Whenever Try to Get Rid of Yeast

This woman was explaining to her friend who has suffered from IBS (irritating bowel syndrome) about her 7 year old daughter having candida. This friend had always suffered from panic attacks and such, and a friend of her has turned her onto the Yeast Connection diet and concept of Dr. Crook’s. She decided to give it a try thinking she might be a candidate. Shortly after she started the diet, she began to experience bizarre bowel problems, which really almost did her in and was diagnosed with IBS.

Years later, she is still a wreck bowel wise and can only eat a few foods. Apparently, with IBS, there is no proven root cause. However, she expressed that one of the theories floating around is that perhaps the yeast is either so bad or depending on ones body that when you attack it and experience the die-off, it can trigger permanent serious bowel problems. It leads me really think about being prepared for the die-off getting out of her body.

She is in the midst of getting ready to launch such an attack, but is wondering if this is a known angle she has missed as a possible drawback to attacking the yeast too hard or something. She needs input on it. It has taken an act of God to get her husband to “believe” her when she expressed she knows there is something very wrong with their daughter, and the recent OAT’s tests clearly indicate she has a yeast overgrowth. She is now wondering if she needs to take into account the possibility that doing the attack wrong can do more damage than nothing.

I also have a problem whenever I tried to get rid of yeast. What happens to me was my extremities become numb and tingling and fell asleep at the slightest pressure. It happened constantly and was much worse than the yeast symptoms. It occurred three times, once with coconut oil, once with oregano oil, and once with a probiotic. It gets gradually gets better after I discontinue whatever the cause is. So far, I was dealing with the mercury toxicity by oral chelation, and the yeast will get better on its own with that.

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