Probiotic Poisons and Makes the Bowel Bacteria Out-Compete

Someone wants to know how to tell if candida die-off is occurring with the situation she wrote. Her friend is having horrific stomach/abdominal pains, skull crushing headaches, extreme fatigue and nausea, etc. Since these are all regular symptoms, and have gotten so much worse in the last few days, she is guessing it is die-off. He has been on Threelac for about 3 months and added Triple Yeast Defense (with Pau D’Arco) and garlic tablets for the antifungals, one week ago. He has gone through this a couple times before adding the antifungals, and reduced the Threelac dose. She wonders if he should he try to endure the die-off if this is what it is.

Actually, in the bowel, a probiotic is an antifungal. Bowel bacteria out-compete and also poison their competition. A prebiotic can also be seen as an antifungal then too, and in fact it has helped many people with bowel candida without using anything other than a few natural antifungal/antibacterial products and a prebiotic.

So, does a probiotic replace the good bacteria and the prebiotic feeds it? That is exactly right, and prebiotics in our diets are less than optimal for this to occur properly. The end result is reduced control of the bad bowel flora, including yeasts, by the good bacteria. Antifungals kill fungus. They are quite specific, and shouldn’t suppress bacterial growth much. Antibiotics kill bacteria and antivirals kill viruses. When you get into the natural antibiotic/antifungals, some of them will kill bacteria and viruses as well as fungus.

Outside the bowel, as in yogurt, probiotic bacteria produce toxins and acidity that tend to suppress each other’s numbers, and the numbers of yeasts and viruses. It is one of the ways they can compete. Bifidobacteria do this more than lactobacilli. The difference is, an antifungal, antiviral, or antibiotic can be derived that will penetrate the bloodstream, and of course we don’t want to introduce bacteria there to do the job.

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