Prebiotics Should Be Used Along With Probiotics

A friend of mine asked what I suggest to take for people taking Primal Defense in the long term to prevent relapse. She has been taking it for almost two months and while she is on it, the candida symptoms almost completely subside. But, she has a feeling that as soon as she stops, the symptom will return. She wonders in what form inulin should be taken and if there are any good brands to look for.

In my view, prebiotics like inulin should be used. However, because the shorter-chain fermentable can contribute to the growth of unwanted bacteria and most also contain up to 10% sugar used by the unwanted bacteria and by yeast, someone has taken the trouble to source out and make available an inulin that has had the shortest chain polysaccharides and sugar removed. This FOS-free and sugar-free inulin is available, and I think there is not many source world-wide for this purified inulin at retail.

You can look up to the science and a purchase point on a website, and I have heard many people on it with excellent results. At least, it is preferred for candida, diabetes, IBS, crohn’s, and colitis patients. Healthier people can use inulin that has FOS and sugar in it with no problem. Three teaspoons of inulin per day, 15 grams, uses up a pound in a month, and after two months you can probably start to cut back to two teaspoons, and then finally one daily as your diet improves.

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