Practicing Reiki for Treating Globus Reaction

A friend asked me if I have suffered with Globus reaction, a feeling when throat closing up and feeling of food getting stuck in throat. She has been treated for 9 years with anti reflux medications that did not help (and made candidiasis worse). I would meditate on your fifth chakra (which is located in your throat) for dealing with this situation. Do you have any problem with the truth or with your heart and mind competing against one another? Energy medicine is more powerful than you know, and often energy can block healing when we are now honest with ourselves.

Not on the subject of this page, but I practiced Reiki for a while. I am very empathic naturally and would often feel my surroundings “stuff”. For me, a tightening of the throat was often either unsaid words like holding in anger to be appropriate or grief. I once massaged a man who had lost his father. I didnt know it. I felt a tightening in my throat that was unbearable. By the time I was half done I was crying. I personally felt no grief but realized the throat tightening I felt was with held crying. I asked after the massage and he said that his father died and he didnt cry because it was a strained relationship all his life and the sorrow was mixed. I have also gotten sore throats often and when I went inward for answers it was always me holding back. I rarely do now. I never get sore throats and probably some people around me wish I did, since I generally say what I feel.

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