Personal Different Candida Treatments Works for You

I think different candida products work for different people. We can all supplement, but no company can control what else people put into their bodies. If people take Threelac or any other product and continue to eat foods that feed the yeast, they won’t get better. If people give up too quickly, they won’t get better. I am not making light of anyone’s experience with Threelac. That is their experience and they are valid experiences, but therefore having data for “success rates” is more than likely not practical. I personally am rotating different treatments and am personally making headway that I am happy with.

One of my friends has been on Threelac for a week now, and also taking the Active Enzymes and the Life Support droplets along with the MEVY diet recommended by Dr. Trowbridge. She honestly can say she feels great this week, having several cleansing BM’s a day that she wasn’t having previously, and have “gunk” running out of her. She has also boosted her yogurt and Kyolic garlic intake, which maybe that is what is doing it.

Unfortunately, we have to experiment, be very patient, and most of all use common sense. It took years for this stuff to grow in our body enough to show symptoms, so it may take years to overcome it. We need to continue treatment even when we start to feel better or the symptoms start to let up.

Kyolic is a brand of odorless garlic capsules. It is specifically recommended by Dr. Wm. Crook in “The Yeast Connection”. I like it and I don’t smell funky. Some manufacturers of garlic pills claim that their product is effective, others disagree. The argument goes that in the processing of the garlic, key ingredients are lost or degraded. I have heard it said that, if it doesn’t have that strong garlic smell, it has lost its potency. But, there is nothing like the raw stuff. I happen to like the smell, whether it is on my breath or someone elses. If it bugs you, try some parsley as a breath freshener.

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