Curing Candida Thrush and Rashes in Baby With Nystatin

Someone I know is trying to deal with her own problem, but she has been wondering about candida thrush and rashes in her baby. She has told me about a problem she has been having with her lips and mouth. Obviously, she is looking for a cure to these problems. Read more..

Coffee Enemas Recipe for Helping Yeast Infection Treatment

Someone I know has just heard that coffee enemas are quite helpful and she is glad to hear it helped my yeast infection treatment. She wants to do one, but she heard that one has to use a specific kind of coffee. She wonders if that is true and what kind of coffee I use. Read more..

Candida Treatment for Immune Deficiency Cause

A friend has a wife that had candida for years and they are now finally getting a handle on what may be causing it and how to treat it. As we all already know, the cause we get for having candida is mostly different with each others, as well as the candida treatment that work for us. This is one of those cause and cure, so you might be interested since you may want to try it, too. Read more..

Best Combinations By Chiropractor for Yeast Infections Treatment

One of the best combinations I have tried for the yeast infection treatment is the one supplied by whole approach. I had one of those zappers used on me by a chiropractor because he tested me for viruses and determined that I had Epstein Barr virus. I had a terrible die-off, but then I start to feel better. I believe it will do as he says and rid of all viruses. I think I am going to buy one of those zappers to use myself whenever I want to, to rid my blood stream of yeast, bacteria, and viruses. They cost quite cheap and I was fairly convinced they work after my one experience with one. Read more..

Best Advices to Put On yeast Infection Treatment

You will get better along with your yeast infection treatment, but just realize everyone is different, which is frustrating in getting better, but here is what I did. I had no vinegar, fungi of any kind, and very little carbs of any kind. I recommend the Body Ecology diet for you. Donna Gates is one of the few that seems to know what she is talking about. Also, the Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Cook is quite informative (with lots of case studies, too). Read more..