Nystatin As Candida Cure Is It Worked Or Not?

Someone asked me if I have used Nystatin as candida cure with success along with cutting back on sugar and carbs and fruits. She just got The Yeast Connection book and he recommends Nystatin along with the candida-free diet, but this book is sort of outdated and she was wondering if Nystatin is still recommended. Read more..

Immune Deficiency Related to Cure From Suffering Candidiasis

A 33 years old woman I know has been suffering candidiasis for as long as she can remember but over the last 4 or 5 years it has gradually worsened with no help from prescription drugs or my GP who she is sure is convinced she is a hypochondriac. She has been sent for ultrasounds, laparoscopy’s and they all come back as normal. Read more..

Grapefruit Seed Extract Or Diflucan Prescription for Candida Thrushs Cure Which One?

This person I know is new to candida subject and currently is looking for some cure for the candida thrush. She is recently discovered that she has a 3+ candida, and according to the tests she took, the only thing that will kill it is the prescription drugs such as Diflucan, Nizoral, etc. She has read some bad reviews about diflucan, but also wondered if there is any good story of it I know or other cure to this candida thrush she experiences. Read more..

Eating Healthier Yeast Free Diet After Getting Past the Cheating Stage

A friend of mine has to get past the “cheating stage”, but she has been already eating a lot healthier yeast free diet now. One thing that she has added to her dinner is a mixed green salad with fresh veggies. She usually adds fresh tomato, some kidney beans, garbanzo beans, shredded carrot, and sliced avocado. Because fresh garlic is supposed to be so healthy for us, she made a dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, and a pressed garlic clove. She now craves this salad, as it is so yummy. She has read that we can have avocado, so she adds a little for fat and for decadence. Read more..

Diflucan for Clearing Candida Symptoms Will It Work?

A friend recently found out she has oral and vaginally thrush from candida symptoms. She had the symptoms for two months immediately following a 7 day prescription of Cipro for a urinary tract infection (her first ever). She has several blood tests done and her health is normal otherwise, so there is no underlying cause, just the Cipro depleting her body of the “good” bacteria. Anyhow, her doctor prescribed Diflucan for 7 days at 100mg. She has not started taking it because she wants to know as much as possible about Diflucan and thrush. She wonders if it is effective and if there is anything natural that works way to rid her body of the yeast. Read more..