Ozonated Olive Oil for Itching in the Rectum

My friend never had the itching in the rectum until she got diarrhea from a high enzyme fruit and veggie drink. The Candida was in her small intestine and moved into her large intestine, so maybe when you started eating more veggies, it moved into the large intestines. Also, if you eat a lot of dairy on Atkins, it could have feed the bad bacteria. That is a possibility. She has always eaten lots of veggies and Atkins just limited the carbs (mostly bread, potatoes, etc.). She is glad she got a test to see what it is as it will guide her a little. I think she should try being more diligent with the diet. Having your partner on similar diet makes it easier to follow a low carb diet then before.

About the itching, take a hot bath with Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade 35%). Buy it at a health food store, pour 1 to 2 cups of it into a very hot tub of water and the itch will disappear, it might tingle slightly but will disappear. If you have ever heard of ozonated olive oil, it work wonders for that kind of itching. You could also do some enemas with beneficial ingredients.

As for enemas, though, twice my sibling has done the coffee enema. She felt better later, but the itching returned. The other thing is her area is very irritated, so the evacuation of the enema makes it even sorer. That is why she hasnt done it more often.

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