Organic Acid Test From Great Plains Lab for Food Sensitivities

My friend said she has no idea what kind of allergy tests she is getting. She read in The Yeast Connection book that the “ELISA” test was good, but it also stated that candida elimination diet was the best way. She wants to know one I recommend. She wonders if she should request a specific test. Her allergist seems pretty yeast-savvy as he gave her sporanox for her sinusitis.

We have also used Great Plains Lab, but not for food allergies or sensitivities although we have had that done using an IgG food panel. The IgE is the one that wouldn’t be effective for food sensitivities. My son had an Organic Acid Test from Great Plains Lab. There is another lab that also does specialized test, which is called Great Smokies. These labs are more specialized than the hospital or a lab like Smith Kline or Labcorp. I have known several people who tested negative from a hospital test only to test positive from the Great Plains Lab. Your insurance may or may not cover it but it was well worth the $220 to have our son tested.

The OATs test is a urine test that includes: yeast metabolites, bacteria metabolites, nutritional deficiencies, antioxidant deficiencies, inborn errors of metabolism, amino acid abnormalities, fatty acid abnormalities, exposure to solvent toxins, deficiencies of B or C vitamins, neurotransmitters, indications of diabetic conditions, Krebs cycle metabolites, clostridia overgrowth, glycolysis, pyrimidines and 62 important compounds. Another option for food sensitivities would be to find a naturopathic doctor who uses an MSA (electrodermal) machine which we have found to be as effective as blood tests.

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