Nystatin As Candida Cure Is It Worked Or Not?

Someone asked me if I have used Nystatin as candida cure with success along with cutting back on sugar and carbs and fruits. She just got The Yeast Connection book and he recommends Nystatin along with the candida-free diet, but this book is sort of outdated and she was wondering if Nystatin is still recommended.

Nystatin is good for some people. Start slowly, not with the usual 4 times daily. Build up slowly over a two week period, in order to avoid a horrid die-off experience. And stay with the diet and the supplements, too. The book really isn’t that outdated; stay with it, too.

A friend has been taking Nystatin for about 5 1/2 years and it has definitely worked for her. It doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream, so it is very safe to take for those who really want some relief. She was so sick so she really needed something to help take the load of candida off her body. She had some die-off, too. She thinks that it is different for everyone and not everyone needs to go the route with antifungal drugs. Some do fine with just diet and natural supplements. It was right for her because she was acutely sick. She is much better now, but she thinks that she will always have to eat the candida diet for the rest of my life. My goal is to just feel normal and healthy, and to get off the nystatin and diflucan for good.

When she was at her worst, she took 16 nystatin pills per day (4, 4 times per day). They worked very well for her. She realized that she really had to work on killing the candida overgrowth in order for her to start getting better. Now, she is taking 6-9 pills per day. She has been taking them for long, but she has really come a long way. She used to be deathly ill. Just a little note to let you know how non-toxic nystatin is and it might help some people.

I have been in the field of yeast infection for a long time and have written many articles about candida. I hope this Nystatin As Candida Cure Is It Worked Or Not? article fulfill your expectation, otherwise go ahead grab my recommended report on how to cure candida fast naturally at cure candida project where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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