No Simple Concept of No Yeast in Anti Candida Diet

This person I know understands well about the concept of no sugar (as this is what the candida feeds on) and no fermenting yeast in the anti candida diet. However, she cant understand why yeast that has already been fermented or non fermenting yeast is banned from the diet as she understands that the candida or fungi is fed by sugar. She wonders if the reason is that yeast and wheat are banned due soley to allergic reaction and nothing to do with killing off candida. She really needs some help with this question.

My understanding is that yeasts and related fermentation products in foods can cause an immune reaction from the body, much as a killed virus does in a vaccine. It may be better to have the immune response focused solely on the candida cells that are living inside you. Personally, I believe that fermented foods such as cultured vegetables and cultured milk (kefir, yogurt) are good for improving bowel health and fighting candida. However, this may not be the case for everyone or for anyone at any given time. Everyone can react differently to any given conditions.

This is what Dr. Kurt Donsbach has to say about it. Look at the page 17 of Candidiasis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He said that the yeast used in fungi family foods, which is a whole list of restricted foods on your candida diets, do not cause candida overgrowth or enhance an already existing condition of candidiasis. So, if you dont have allergic reactions to mushrooms, vinegar, etc, you can add them back into your anti-candida diet. I do, but it is an individual thing.

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