Natural Medications to Beat Vaginal Yeast Infections

Regarding vaginal yeast infections relieve, a friend has seen some people have said to take a clove of garlic remove the paper, make little slits in it, and thread a needle, put the needle through the garlic and then insert the garlic into your vagina, leaving the thread hanging out like a tampon. She has also read of taking boric acid and filling capsules with it and then inserting them into your vagina works, too, but she must say it is kind of scary putting something up your crotch that has skull and cross bones on and is said to kill rats. She has not tried either the method that she wants to know if any of these things work.

We girls have to have some natural medications to beat this problem since all the doctors want to keep giving antibiotics, which just makes us sicker. Three words for the vaginitis: “ozonated olive oil”. It is all good and it doesn’t matter what kind of bacteria or yeasts there are. Ozone insufflations are even better. Ozone therapy can be expensive depending on the gear, but it works.

I have tried the boric acid, though. You can make your own boric acid capsules. It would probably be much cheaper. Just go to a pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. You can buy clear gel capsules (size “0″) and for about $4-5 a big container of boric acid. It is kind of tedious to fill them yourself, but it is absolutely much cheaper! I used to pay 20 bucks for about 20-30 capsules.

For years I suffered pain and embarrassment from repeatedly catching a yeast infection. However, I was fortunate that I discovered a very holistic way to cure candida by naturally eliminating the root cause associated with these irritating infections. Visit Cure Candida Project to learn how I treated my yeast infections and how you can to.

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