Mucus From Candidiasis When There Is an Irritation Component

One day, my friend sent me a letter asking me about excess mucus coming from candidiasis. This article shall give more detail regarding the answer. Mucus is out when there is truly an irritation component. Someone I know has successfully treated even COPD which had a lot of mucous production, asthma with a lot of mucous production, by getting the person on a strong antioxidant regime. She used standard antioxidants plus cold-processed whey and selenium, because when a person is sick they are always glutathione deficient, and the lungs are the second largest users of this antioxidant after only the liver. When glutathione levels are high, diseases tend to disappear. The regime quenches free radical cascades causing the irritation, and also helps to break down some of the toxins directly. Results were seen in two to three days, optimal results (no sign of a problem) in less than a week.

However, there is often another reason for mucous production, and this applies in immune system dysfunction which often shows up as asthma, allergies, colitis, crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. That is the lack of enough properly formed cell receptor sites. When receptor sites become malformed as a result of injury, trauma, or illness, there is much less control of cellular responses, including immune responses, which rely on a functional undamaged communication system, which relies in turn on enough essential sugars being present to form proper receptors. Asthma as an autoimmune can be eliminated with supplemental glyconutrients as they are called.

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