Modified Candida Diet With Natural Hygiene

I did modified candida diet with no dairy (except for minimal yogurt) and no cheese at first. Then, after a while, I will use a little parmesan or gouda, but still no milk. I eat lots of proteins (minimal beans, no tofu), eggs, veggies, an occasional Granny smith or strawberries, and rice every once in awhile (usually in sushi). I eat no wheat probably for the rest of my life. I have been using millet bread when I decide to have bread. It has been working pretty well for me. My candida wasn’t as bad as I first thought after hearing about others, so I guess I feel pretty lucky, considering how badly I lived my life up until then.

I still think that the 100 years old Natural Hygiene method works marvelously well. It has worked all this time with no fads. All naturopaths study it at school. It is quite straight forward. But, if you have candidiasis there is no fixing it without cutting carbohydrates to starve the unwanted little bugs.

There is a cool little book out there called Fit for Life that has most of the information about Natural Hygiene in a condensed form, plus 28 days of recipes for people who don’t know how to get into it. I followed it at first and then got the Natural Hygiene book which was food combining and vegan. I will look for it. I am sure I still have it. I also have both Diamond’s books (written after they divorced) but never got through it.

Natural Hygiene is a great way of life. I plan on giving it a go once the Candida is completely gone. It does allow more fruits than Candida sufferers are allowed. I once did 26 day water fast with Joel Furhman in New Jersey. He is a Natural Hygiene MD. He has written several books on fasting and the Natural Hygiene lifestyle.

Cure candida project website is a great resource for people who want a complete and natural cure for their yeast infection. They provide honest support to get you reach the dream you always wanted, a healthy life. You may also enjoy reading through the get rid of candida blog which can be found at Candida Home Treatment website.

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