Mercury Toxic As Underlying Cause of Candida

This woman wanted to share her knowledge regarding candida toxic from amalgam as it might help someone. She has had IBS from candida for 16 years now with many chronic health issues, which have always been dismissed by mainstream doctors. She is very lucky to have found a MD who works in integrated medicine (combines alternative treatments and mainstream medicine). He diagnosed the candida with a digestive analysis about 3 years ago. She treated it for 2 years with a low sugar diet and probiotics, only to have it return again. It has been suggested that the candida overgrows when our immune systems are weak.

She has felt that there was something underlying for years, but only recently has the amalgam issue come to light. Just today, her ND told her that often the candida cannot be cured until the mercury is out and that it is our bodies way of protecting us. She didn’t fully get that part, but if you have amalgam fillings, she would suggest looking into a link. No matter what the doctors say, her MD and ND believe it and so does she.

Read everything you can about it. Do a search on amalgam illness and see what comes up. Hal Huggins was the first doctor to write about the issue, but there are many others out there who have seen their patients improve with removal and chelation. Removing the amalgams only stops further exposure, so you have to get the mercury out of the organs, muscles, and especially your brain.

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