Memory Improves When We Get Candida Under Control

Someone has a terrible memory which she has been chalking up to advancing age. However, she recently saw an article says about Candida symptoms affecting memory. So, she wonders if perhaps that is her problem. The question is, when we get this Candida under control, will our memory improves?

I have to answer with an absolute yes, and trying Ginkgo Biloba could definitely help. I think a way to look at it is that people with chronic disease have a lot of free radical damage, which results in atherosclerosis and cell wall damage. So, both heart disease and memory loss are possible from that damage. In fact, lipofuscin, ‘age spots’ on the hands and similar deposits on the brain in Alzheimers is nothing more than oxidized fatty deposits that coat the nerve endings. Also, while a person is toxic from chronic infection, there are the issues of brain fog as a response to toxin load.

While one might get rid of the brain fog by simply removing the sources of toxins, restoring what has already been oxidized, and removing the lipofuscin deposits takes separate steps. Niacin, gotu kola, vitamins especially methylcobalamin B12, growth hormone increase (amino acids do that) for example all work to absorb and regenerate destroyed tissue. Antioxidants with that also prevents further damage, as does avoidance of the foods that tend to cause oxidation, lipofuscin and atherosclerosis, such as corn, canola and soy oils common in the diet, carbohydrates, or other high oxidation oils you might switch to such as flax, hemp.

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