Meditation and Visualization to Get Rid of Sugar Craving

My friend has found that if she includes bitter foods (like endive, radicchio), her sugar craving is lessened. It is also discipline since the candida is like the giant plant in Little Shop of Horrors. A battle of wills which surely you know you can win.

Being aware that it is the candida causing the craving is helpful to her. Personally, she meditates on telling the candida that it is not welcome. She asks for help from “heaven” that she is grateful for the opportunity to learn about her ability to overcome this (and whatever growth challenges that come). She believes that she is stronger than candida. She tries to create a visualization of beating it. Now, I will tell you that some days she is better at it than others depending how “compromised” she feels at the time. She tries to take the time to visualize doing battle with it and then follow with soothing her intestinal tract. She sees herself as beautiful warrior with light all around her, etc. Sometimes, she visualizes bringing an army with her.

I would say when you meditate focus more on the perfection of your body. Affirming the struggle or battle in healing is like prepaying that experience. And I would instead imagine a smooth and blissful recovery, focusing on each day the improvement instead of the back slide. And I kind of thank my body for giving me an itch or something as a barometer of what it is wanting and what it doesnt want.

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