Make a Commitment to Stick With Healthy Anti Candida Diet

This friend of mine is getting a hard time doing the anti candida diet. She had acne when she was a teenager and took antibiotics for it. She is now 44 and believes that she has been having yeast infections for the last 30 years. She always had terrible cravings for yeast related foods. She has really become a junk food addict because of the yeast. Besides, she has tested positive for lyme disease also. She could not eat that much because she felt so full by just eating a little bit of food.

She was wondering how everybody stayed on their diets. It is probably one of the most stressful things to do for her. The cravings can get pretty intense and when she has cravings, all she thinks about is the food that she can’t eat. She was thinking about joining the over eaters anonymous, but she would think they would know nothing about yeast infections. Another symptom is nervousness, where she has rapid thoughts. She is wondering if anyone with candida would ever have this. This could be caused by her lyme disease, though.

Once I made a commitment to stick with a healthy diet, my food addictions gradually became less and less noticeable. I have been on this diet since June, and now I can honestly say that I do not crave yeast loving foods anymore. It was hard at first, but consistency and will power do pay off in the end. My husbands diet use to cause cravings, but no longer. When I cook for my family, he actually enjoys the healthier dishes I make. Otherwise, because of our work schedules, we usually eat apart from one another.

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