Major Liver Support for Toxin Removal

A fundamental step to make a body healthier and reduce the physical energy burden of a toxin load is a series of liver flushes. They will ensure the liver, the body’s major internal organ of toxin processing and elimination, to function correctly by virtue of unplugging the hepatic ducts and improve bile flow. Without doing them, toxins will be re-circulated rather than expelled.

The major liver support for toxin removal is glutathione, produced somewhat by milk thistle, but especially by whey powder that has been extracted at low temperature to preserve the cysteine peptides. The whey powder on my website is 20% sugar but I and other sources have cold- processed whey that has no sugar in it. The cellular glutathione produced by cold-processed whey and selenium is also the whole body’s most important antioxidant, and in IBD, it can be completely depleted at the injured sites. This provides a valuable clue as to the free radical nature of the irritating toxins, and also the free radical cascades that are present in both diabetes, IBD, and most other illnesses.

In other words, most diseases including IBD have a large degree of chronic oxidative stress, which will go away if a person dramatically increases cellular glutathione. There is a long list of diseases linked to low glutathione, diabetes and bowel diseases included.

Ozone steam saunas at once increase oxygen levels, support all the organs including the liver, break toxins, aid in toxin elimination through sweating, and the therapy promotes the creation of natural antioxidants in the body, glutathione included. High levels of antioxidants reduce disease. IBS and IBD, and diabetes are all successfully treated with ozone therapy. This basic therapy is foundational in nature; inattention to any of these cornerstones will result in a difficult time controlling illness, and not just IBD and diabetes, but dozens of them, which are connected to or result from toxin load, low oxygen, malformed receptors and low glutathione (and bowel bacteria and poor nutrition).

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