Losing the Need for Coffee After 4 Months

Someone is only since last Wednesday being on this strict anti candida diet. Anyway, she doesnt have the heavy cravings for the sweets that are leaving her, but she really feels like a part of her life has been taken away in not being able to drink coffee. She symbolizes it like some things become part of who you are. Well, her coffee was the one that she bought special blend and had it shipped to her. She grounds it herself had special cups that made her feels good and now in one hour that was all taken from her. She also wonders why everyone with candida seems to use the Pau DArco tea instead of taking it in capsule form. Also, she wants to know what similar natural antifungals would there be besides Pau DArco.

I know how you feel not being able to drink coffee anymore, but since I stopped drinking it, I have lost the need for it in just about 4 months, the headache withdrawals, too, and I no longer feel like crap when I don’t drink it. I also later found out that coffee was one of the 3 things giving me yeast infections.

I just prefer the tea. There is nothing wrong with taking it in capsules. I drink 2 to 4 cups a day. I mix 1 tablespoon of dried herb to 3 cups of water. I boil it for 5 minutes, and then simmer for 15 more minutes. That recipe was given to me in an email from a friend. She told me it was ok to drink as much as I wanted to.

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