Looking Up for Various Ailments With Candida Behind

When she looks back at her life, she realizes she has had candida overgrowth since she was very young, about 4 years old. Maybe her mom passed it onto her at birth, but she will never know that. She knows now that she has done many things exacerbating the problem, to create a strong foothold for it by diet, lifestyle, and medications. Rethinking and recreating how we live now are the good news.

My friend was married to an alcoholic manic depressive and has often wondered if there was a candida connection, since candida creates a sugar craving and releases alcohol as one of its many toxins in the system. She wonders if any studies have been done linking candida to alcoholism. It would seem to her that the powerful craving we experience is like the alcoholic. Although she reads that alcoholism predisposes one to candida, she wonders if the candida was there first, like the chicken or the egg.

It is great if you are moving in the right direction. A great book to read (I love to read) is by Stuart Wilde, “Life was never meant to be a struggle”. I think we are often taught that life is tough, hard, a struggle. That belief runs through our being. The perfection of your immune system and how every day you are getting better are caused when your body knows what to do on a cellular level or whatever.

Well, I have looked up various ailments over the years which just havent resonated with me. I dont think it is necessarily what is behind everyone with that specific ailment. But, I think it is a cool thing to look at and expand from there.

I have been in the field of candida infection for a long time and have written many articles about candida. I hope this Looking Up for Various Ailments With Candida Behind article fulfill your expectation, otherwise go ahead grab my recommended report on how to cure candida fast naturally at cure candida project where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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