Liver Flush and Its Interfere to Your Daily Activities

My friend is very interested in doing the liver/gallbladder flush as she knows she has a gall stone, although she is asymptomatic. For her, it seems she has to block out a day or so to do it. That is a bit difficult, but if she knew it would work she would do it. She is interested in any feedback of the flush I have tried. She wonders if it will help us to stop the diet faster.

I did this one this weekend and all went great! I think I passed approximately 30 stones not a lot, but was my very first time. I expected to feel pretty tired after, but I felt fine after I ate some eggs and l slice of toast with almond butter. I fasted Saturday and drank some beet and apple juice, around 4 pm. It really doesn’t interfere with your day, at least for me, until 6:00 pm Saturday. I started passing the beet juice because the Epson salts loosen BMs. I started the next day, Sunday. at 6:00 am and then finished at 8:00 am. I didn’t feel like waiting and Dr. Clarks liver cleanse is the same and say start at a waking, but not before 6:00. So, I started earlier and finished earlier. I had my 2 cups of coffee at 9 and then by 11:30 I ate lunch and spent the rest of the day as normal, grocery shopping and cleaning house. I obviously didn’t follow it to the letter, but I felt like it was time to eat so I did.

I guess it depends on how sick you are. I had chronic fatigue and was off work for 8 months. I just wanted my life back and I knew I was on the right track because I felt so much better. Other people in my town that have gone through what I have been through said it took about a year of the diet and even though it has been a few years ago for them, they still must avoid sugar and one of them avoids wheat. If she has a glass of wine, she can feel a slight return of her symptoms. I never thought when I started that it would go on this long.

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