Itching From Bad Candida Diet

My friend just got back on her diet today after a week she can’t stop itching and she is pretty sure it is not die-off. It seems almost everything she tries to eat makes her itch. She tried unsweetened soymilk to drink today and would love any ideas if I know the cause.

I had this happen to me one time. I was not sure what was causing it, but without knowing anything I ate I had a rash all over my body (head to toe) with horrible itching. It went on for 2 weeks and I refused to go to the doctor. It seems they messed me up worse than when I have gone. Then, I only ate the very minimum that I could and drank a lot of water. It is important to drink lots of distilled water (not necessarily cold) and keep your bowels going. I fasted as much as I could since I am hypoglycemic and it finally went away.

Also, as I had been a chronic sufferer of candida for years, I have learned that soy products are a no-no. Cut out the soy milk and I believe it will be gone. The anxiety attacks are a symptom of candida. I get them, too, along with crankiness when my candida flairs and when I do badly on my diet. Juice a minimum of three times a day with raw veggies. Cut out all white carbs, etc. Basically, do yourself a favor and eat what God intended us to eat.

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