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Is Candida Overgrowth Life Threatening?

This friend of mine believes that she has candida overgrowth, and the cause is toxins that have entered her body through her loose root canal. She started having a tooth ache in February of this year, and for the first time she had a severe allergy attack and have found some yeast growing in her inner checks that seem to be going away but comes back. She is developing some red moles on her arms as well. She wonders if this is life threatening and if there is a cure. She has heard some persons stopped having period and would like to hear the cause. She needs some answers and some more information if possible.

Fight it with everything you have and don’t give up. Eat a lot of garlic, stay away from all sugars and alcohol, and eat lots of veggies. Find a good probiotic and anti-fungal agent to help speed things along. If you can manage it under control, you can rest assured then.

I have also stopped having my period (after normal reproduction and having two kids). I think it is directly related to “chronic bracing”. When you are too stressed, the body can actually shut down certain parts of the body like reproductive organs and digestive (which is what was going on with me). A good book to check out on this is The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, fifth edition, by Davis, Eshelmann, and McKay, which explains well. I also found, besides the book, that you can get some decent relaxation music and burn your own disks, which works good with relaxing.

I have been in the field of yeast infection for a long time and have written many articles about candida. I hope this Is Candida Overgrowth Life Threatening? article fulfill your expectation, otherwise go ahead grab my recommended report on how to cure candida fast naturally at cure candida project where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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