Infecting Candidiasis By Merely Kissing

A friend is pretty much come to the conclusion that she won’t be having sex for a while as it might be infecting candidiasis to her couple (besides the fact that she is too dang sore to even think about it), but she wonders what about kissing. She wants to know if she is going to get someone sick from this. She can give up chocolate, but she doesnt want if kissing is being taken away, too! Lastly, she wonders how contagious this is and when it would be safe to have sex. She is assuming a condom is enough protection, but asked me if it will actually harm her since her system is so low.

I hate to tell you this, but my brother gave it to his fiance just from kissing. Now she has the burning tongue and gnawing pain in the stomach. It has let up over time and they have been able to get a handle on it. It is now manageable and the burning tongue is at a minimum. Try different things for the problem and in time it will get better. But, correct diet is a must. One other thing that I found that has helped is digestive enzyme supplement amongst so many other supplements. Too many to list right now.

I have tried many things and some of the things that have helped are colloidal silver, many different probiotic combinations and if possible include a prebiotic. You can order puritans pride or swansons brand for a little cheaper one. But, take lots of probiotics, too. These are the items that have made the biggest difference for me. And also eat lots of a good plain yogurt and watch the sugars in it. Some are high in sugars. It takes trial and error till you find what works for you.

I wish this article "Infecting Candidiasis By Merely Kissing" has been informative and meet what you need. If you want to know more details about this issue, or everything related to yeast free diet, I highly recommend that you grab my recommended special report and also get their support on cure candida project website. Make sure you take advantage of their support, that what I found the most important thing you should do.

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