Incorporating Inulin Into the Green Super Food Blend

A friend says she agrees with my accolades for inulin as inulin truly helps with digestive health. Comparing this to the recommended daily dose of the super greens, she agrees that inulin is a much better measure to deal with constipation than either psyllium or magnesium. They have the dunaliela inulin as one of major ingredients in our green super food, the Exsula Iridesca. But, she is wondering if I have the names of any suitable products, regarding the ingredients she has to look for, etc.

That is a good move if you are incorporating inulin into the green super food blend. The maintenance dosage of inulin is about 12 grams daily or a little better from all sources, with therapeutic effects barely starting to occur at about 5 grams. People with constipation or diarrhea may do better with 7 to 10 grams more often or about three times daily. Of course, mileage varies.

I have never heard of dunaliela inulin, but that is not really an issue. The Belgian giants Orafti and Cosucra both make FOS-free and sugar-free inulin. Finding retail amounts is the problem. Otherwise you can use any inulin you find online, which will contain about 6% sugar and 2% FOS. Both are known to be a problem in many people. In fact, all of the shorter chain FOS-like polysaccharides, although known to be bifidogenic (breed bifidobacteria), also support many other bacteria, and that is why I prefer only the longer-chain FOS-free and sugar-free inulin at the request of our health.

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