Inability On Absorbing Minerals Caused By Leaky Gut

For instance, her hair analysis results show that she is low on almost every mineral with the exception of calcium and magnesium, but they are not within the proper ratios. So, apparently they are not being absorbed properly. Her MD recommends over 50 supplements per day which they just happen to sell for “only $256 per month”. At the same time, they recommend various other costly treatments and she is very confused as to whether this is a scam or it is actually the answer. She needs some comments on this.

If you are not absorbing, the supplements may be only a temporary expensive crutch. Focus on curing your digestion and you will absorb all the nutrients you need, plus save yourself some money. That is why we need inulin for the bowel, and sometimes digestive enzymes, and sometimes betaine or glutamic acid to increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Also, the reason your body is low on all minerals is because it is unable to absorb them properly anymore caused by leaky gut. It doesn’t matter what you eat or what supplements you take, you have to fix the leaky gut situation until your body will start properly absorbing minerals and vitamins again!

I know leaky gut very well and many of the people suffer from it, but they dont know it. I used to think I have a lot of problems: painful intercourse which escalated to vaginal itching, burning, paper cut like tears, constant pain, re-occurring yeast infections, sinus problems, headaches, chronic fatigue, problems with itchy ears and feeling like there was water in them/blocking up, dry skin, and feeling cold all the time. These are just to name a few symptoms I had!

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