Implementing Anti Yeast Infection Diet for Child With ADHD

A friend that has the daughter with ADHD, allergy, and asthma wants to know if anyone has had any luck implementing anti yeast infection diet with a child. She is wondering if anyone knows any “home remedy” type things for the yeast infection/itching that are not intrusive.

I have run across many parents who have seen a day and night change behaviorally and physically by eliminating the food source. I did do the back scratch test and that was a waste. And I’m sure this is common knowledge here but don’t do what I did and let the pediatrician order a routine yeast test. You will virtually never find it in the urine unless they have a serious disease, but this test measures yeast byproducts which is why it is different.

The daughter’s quality of life in the future is at stake here to get this under control so you should start the diet. She is the biggest sweetheart in the world, yet the best way to put it is she appears to be compromised and just runs out of gas easily. Even though your child is not autistic, I learned so much that parents with autistic related children working through diet and natural supplements to combat yeast. Every day, I thank God for opening this path to me when all others said I was crazy, yet do battle the guilt in not connecting the dots sooner as I know. I can see this has been an issue for many years just progressively getting worse and worse.

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