Immune Deficiency Related to Cure From Suffering Candidiasis

A 33 years old woman I know has been suffering candidiasis for as long as she can remember but over the last 4 or 5 years it has gradually worsened with no help from prescription drugs or my GP who she is sure is convinced she is a hypochondriac. She has been sent for ultrasounds, laparoscopy’s and they all come back as normal.

She has now got to the stage where she is getting recurring thrush every 6-8 weeks, her GP prescribes the usual pesarries, Diflucan tablets (which her partner takes, too), but it still comes back! She has tried cutting out yeast products, she stopped drinking for 6 months, didnt eat bread, cut out sugar, and it still came back! She is at her wits end now, where she is tired of being in pain, feeling sore and bloated, tired, depressed, with no sex drive now, and at times she has felt suicidal.

A friend thought she might be suffering from something like Irritable bowel Syndrome and reading information on that condition pointed me towards Candidiasis. She has read that this can spread to your gut, bowel, joints, etc and you end up with symptoms very similar to IBS.

I have had severe candidiasis and suspect I have an immune deficiency. If you have had this illness for most of your life, and, if you have had many earaches, bacterial infections, pneumonia, etc, then you may have a primary immune deficiency, which is an underlying cause for all these infections.

If you have never had a blood workup done for your immune system, you may want to check it just to make sure. One in 500 people have what is called selective IgA deficiency, which leaves your mucous membranes open to infection, which includes your mouth, throat, sinuses, gastrointestinal tract, and vagina. So, first of all, what you have to do is confirming to see if it may be plausible that you have a primary immune deficiency.

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