How We Know Good Candida Probiotic Before Trying Them

Someone says maybe she will eventually switch to a cheaper brand if she still needs to take a candida probiotic. She found Puritan’s Pride online and it is much cheaper. She has yet to understand my statement: “switch to something that is designed to be complementary to natural bowel biotics”. She wants to know if it means any good probiotic other than Garden of Life products. There are many but not all live up to their claims. She is curious on how we really know until we try them.

At this point, she knows the Garden of Life products seem to work well for her. It has been her lack of understanding and eating the wrong foods that has caused her setbacks. She tried a cheaper probiotic, but she also was not following the diet very well at the time either, so she does not have a good example if another probiotic will work as well for her. Since she has another unused bottle of Primal Defense and the Fungal Defense, she will use those up. She will add the inulin to her diet, keep up with the coconut oil and psyllium capsules, stay on track with the diet, and see what happens. She is not sure what else to do at this point.

Switch to something that is designed to be complementary to natural bowel biotics means that after the Primal Defense has done the damage control its supposed to, you can switch to something cheaper that does not contain unnecessary bacteria and yeasts that should be out-competed anyway, and then soon eliminate that, too. Yes, there are many good probiotics. I would look for a ‘guarantee’ because that claim would be enforced by the feds.

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