How to Lose Weight On Atkins Diet

A woman asked if I or my friend had experience of being on the Atkins diet and not losing weight at all. She is doing it off and on for three years and she keeps gaining weight. Doctors say you only gain if you eat too much, so she started keeping a journal. She doesnt eat too much; perhaps if she was calorie counting it might be no good, but for Atkins it is good. Every week she is starting again and will be stricter she is about to give up.

Lose the dairy and then try Atkins, use oil dressing, no cream or half and half. If you stick to this you will start losing weight. It worked for me. Also, check out the Metabolic typing diet by Dr. Wolcott. Regular Atkins diet may not be right for you. Try adding coconut oil to your diet. It is awesome stuff for candida sufferers and thyroid sufferers alike.

I was having a lot of weight gain and it was the candida. You can’t have coffee and ice cream if you are doing candida diet. Try eating veggies and meat and sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel bread. Health food store has this and some supermarkets; it is usually refrigerated or frozen section. This helped me to lose weight and stop eating sugar or processed foods. Eat raw foods or unprocessed foods. Hang in there until you lose weight and feel better. I swear by the Ezekiel bread, it helps elimination, too!

I hope this article "How to Lose Weight On Atkins Diet" has met what you expect to read and that you gain some important information that your are looking for. If you feel that this article is not enough for you, or still missing something, I personally suggest that you get a complete report and also great support for you on cure candida project website.

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